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The Kindle Book Club | Sarah Superfluous

The Kindle Book Club

Hi, and welcome to The Kindle Book club!



The Kindle Book Club was born from the fact that I wanted to be part of a book club for ages, but found it difficult to fit around work, kids, and general life stuff. Finding time to read, however, is manageable – and this is mostly down to the invention of the Kindle.

Whilst nothing will ever replace the smell and feel of a proper book, the Kindle makes it super easy to get my daily dose of literature on my commute to work, on my lunch break, and sometimes even in bed. I pretty much take it everywhere with me.

So, I thought it would be pretty awesome to combine both book club and Kindle and host an online Kindle book club!

This is how it works:

  • The book club meeting will be held monthly on Sundays at 8:30pm
  • The discussion itself will be hosted over on Facebook, in the Everything Kindle Group (thanks to Nickie!)
  • At the end of the meeting someone will be chosen at random to pick the next book
  • The hashtag will be #kindlebookclub … please use this whenever you talk about the book club on Twitter!
Things to note:
  • Books need to be available on Amazon, for the Kindle!
  • Books should be under £5
  • If it’s your turn to choose a book, feel free to provide your own affiliate link*
  • You don’t need to take part every time, just whenever you can :)

* Not sure what an affiliate link is? Check this page over on Amazon.co.uk
** The Kindle Book Club is  not affiliated with Amazon.co.uk  

Give me a shout on Twitter if you have any questions!

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